Laubman & Pank

UI, Development, Wordpress
The new Laubman & Pank website serves the needs of the company as well as their customers. It balances the administrative side of website maintenance on the back end with a freshly styled front end.

The Objective

Laubman & Pank needed a new way to present their offerings to their customer- one that spoke to the people they served, with a fresh and visually updated approach.

Content Editing

The company required a content management system that was both intuitive and easy to learn.

Super simple

Using WordPress, one of the world’s most widely used platforms, I created a custom administrative interface where the employees of Laubman & Pank could update website content on their own.

By adding Advanced Custom Fields and an easy-to-follow interface, I handed Laubman & Pank the keys to taking charge of their own website.

Instructions Provided

With the specially designed WordPress content management system, there was no room for users to get lost. Each user was trained to use the system through clear and concise directions that eliminated the chances of doubt or misunderstanding.

I believe that as a web developer, if you build something your client can’t use, you’ve failed them. That’s why every detail of the user experience was taken into account in developing the back end.

The Outcome

Their new site is still Laubman & Pank, but better. It's everything they were already doing, but cleaner and more efficient on both the front and the back end.