UI, Illustration, Responsive
webqem sought a modern version of their website, ready to attract more premium customers and better built to show off their services.

The Objective

webqem wanted to take their site from cluttered to clean, without sacrificing any of the functionality or information in the process.

Existing site

The old site was stuck in days of marketing gone by. Its dark colors and corporate graphics didn’t speak to what webqem stands for or the kinds of customers they serve. It was hard to follow; with different areas competing for your attention, clients were unsure where to look first. webqem was afraid it was scaring customers away.

What we envisioned

We needed to strip away the site’s shadows and infuse it with new vibrancy—all while keeping in mind its display on mobile devices and tablets. We wanted to add crisp visuals and an easy-to-follow navigation menu. With the new design, customers would stay on the site for a whole lot longer.

Case Studies

Because webqem is an agency, they needed to showcase the compelling work they've done for clients in a fresh and engaging way.

Sharp and detailed visuals

I know that web design is more than the big picture.

It should carry through from banners all the way down to product photos, text and everything in between.

I left no stone unturned when it came to the webqem redesign, focusing as much attention on the details as the broad strokes. With highly detailed visuals, I was able to deliver care in each and every image I constructed for the new site.

Improving the ordinary

It’s easy to update a website in a basic way, but I believe my clients deserve anything but standard treatment.

Instead of plotting a bunch of images in places they didn’t belong, I developed a careful and particular plan for the site’s layout and graphics.

Every detail of the site takes into account responsive design, best practices, and end usability for webqem’s customers. I took the time to consider what a user would want to see on the site—as well as innovation they would never expect.


I created individual, specially crafted illustrations for the new website to add dimension, style and customization to its pages. There's nobody like webqem; their illustrations should reflect that.

Social Media Branding

Branding should carry through from a company's website to each and every digital spot it touches. With multiple polished illustrations, webqem's social media pages were much more appealing.

The Outcome

A simple, clean website that captures visitors' attention and scales across every device.