YBR RetireRight

Concepts, Design, Development
For YBR RetireRight, I handled most of their company’s Facebook game, from concept all the way through to design, development, and completion.

The Objective

YBR wanted to make a promotional game for their customers that was fun to play, a breeze to learn, and pretty to look at - while being compatible across all devices.


The client was given a variety of hand-drawn sketches that expressed multiple game concepts to choose from. These helped to ultimately decide the direction of the game.

The right tool for the job

With Construct 2, I was able to create an experience that worked across multiple platforms while utilizing a unique set of controls native to each device (touchscreen, mouse and keyboard).


The game relied heavily upon two-dimensional sprites and a deep understanding of animation and its complexities. Together with Flash CC and the Construct sprite editing tools, I was able to output dozens of animations with ease.

Construct 2

By using Construct 2, I was able to create each of the two-dimensional images the game needed in sprite sheets. This resulted in the establishment of the foundational elements required to interact with the YBR game in its final form.


As my web development career started with Flash animation, it was a natural extension of the game project. Each of the game’s characters and assets were designed using Flash. The result? A beautiful and robust experience for the user.

The Game

The end result was a highly-functional game that users could play on any platform they wished, including mobile phones, tablets and notebooks.

Preparing for the worst

Things don’t always go to plan. That’s why I designed a custom, themed error page for players that were using outdated versions of Internet Explorer who might have trouble seeing the game in action.