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Kenny Escapes, a renowned name in wine tours, approached me with a challenge: their existing website was stuck in a digital time warp

Kenny escapes

Built on Flash and tables, it was neither responsive nor current. Understanding their need for a modern, user-friendly platform, we embarked on a collaborative journey. Through numerous discussions with the co-owner, we sketched out basic wireframes and ideas. Our focus was clear – to enhance user experience and make key functionalities like discovering tours and booking them as intuitive as possible.

Design, Development, and SEO

The project kicked off with collaborative sessions with Kenny Escapes' co-owner, where we brainstormed and developed initial wireframes. Our objective was clear: redesign the website to enhance user navigation and ease of access, particularly focusing on the booking and tour-finding processes.

Kenny escapes
KennyEscapes responsiveness

Following wireframe approval, I entered the design phase. Here, multiple design iterations were created, each aligning with Kenny Escapes' brand while prioritising essential website elements. This phase was pivotal in ensuring that the aesthetic appeal met the functional needs of the site.

Development and Results

The final stage involved the actual development of the website. Using WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields, I built a responsive and easily adjustable site. A significant effort was also dedicated to improving their SEO strategy, ensuring better online visibility. The impact of these changes was immediate and profound – in just the first month following the launch, Kenny Escapes experienced an incredible 1000% increase in bookings.

Kenny escapes
KennyEscapes new home
Phill is absolutely amazing at what he does, we're in love with our new website and so are our customers! Our new website is a complete success, not only in terms of generating an unprecedented level of sales for our business, but we have also recently won prestigious business awards which recognised our growth and strong customer focus largely driven by the website. Best investment we’ve ever made.