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Here's the thing...

When it comes to web design & development, you rarely get what you pay for. I'd like to change that.

The problem

For the past decade and a half I've seen and heard far too many horror stories. Whether it be in the form of an average design, unreliable software, inferior code, poor site management tools or cheap themes that are hacked together - the result is the same. An unhappy client.

A good site should be tailor made to suit your requirements. The tools to edit and update it should be purpose built without having to wrangle complex code or consult somebody every time you need to make an amendment. You deserve a design that isn't used by hundreds (or thousands) of other businesses through the practice of reskinning an existing theme.

So then, what are you entitled to? That's easy. You're entitled to what you pay for. You shouldn't be paying thousands for any of the above simply because it affects somebody else's bottom line.

The solution

First and foremost, find someone who cares about the quality of the end result. A developer who only prefers to code won't see the value in a good design. A designer who is unable to code is equally unable to recognise what bad code is. If you're able to find someone who appreciates and understands both of these things - you're halfway there.

With a custom responsive design that's tailored to your needs, I can take your landing page, site, store (or otherwise) from concepts to production. It will be built with your brand and ease of use in mind. The latest web standards and techniques will be employed to give your customers the best browsing experience possible.

If this sounds good, send me a message and we can discuss the ways in which I can help you and your business online.

From concepts through to production
Ease of use
Modern coding standards
Phill is absolutely amazing at what he does, we're in love with our new website and so are our customers! Our new website is a complete success, not only in terms of generating an unprecedented level of sales for our business, but we have also recently won prestigious business awards which recognised our growth and strong customer focus largely driven by the website. Best investment we’ve ever made.
Leah Roodenrys Leah Roodenrys Co-Owner, Kenny Escapes
Phill was so easy to deal with, patient during editing, and although we are based in the US and he's in Sydney, we found Phill exceptionally responsive and ready to assist. His clean, fresh designs speak for themselves - just what we wanted. We couldn't be happier with the end-product and feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly glowing. Very happy customers and highly recommend his services.
Luke Zadkovich Luke Zadkovich Partner, Floyd & Zadkovich International Lawyers
I have worked closely and exclusively with Phill to help grow my online presence, to build a sense of identity and to expand my brand for years. It’s not just because he excels time and time again with his creative vision, it’s his responsive communication, attention to detail and industry leading ability to make my most technical demands a reality.
Ray Collins Ray Collins Photographer, Ray Collins Photo

Goodtoplay needed to migrate to Shopify, a user-friendly eCommerce system. The entire site was recoded from scratch with improvements to the UI, UX and responsive code. View site

Figures, statistics and numbers aren't the most exciting things to look at. With engaging visuals, HTML animations and infographics - multiple Fidelity landing pages were brought to life. View site

Veeps needed to look modern and exciting. This was achieved with a new colour pallette, a different tone of language and plans that are easier to digest.

With a dated design and over 10 million members, Nexusmods needed a UI/UX overhaul. After many conversations, concepts and designs - Nexus members are now able to browse, upload and manage mods on any device.

Ed Floyd and Luke Zadkovich needed an online presence for their law firm. This was achieved with a new logo, a responsive Wordpress site and matching business cards. View site

The Lagoon Restaurant in Wollongong required a responsive overhaul of their existing website. Using any device, customers are able to browse the menu, make bookings and see everything The Lagoon has to offer.

Kenny Escapes wanted to give their site a facelift to boost online bookings. After a responsive redesign, online bookings skyrocketed by over 1000% in the first month. View site

Dr Kennedy's patients needed a site they could easy read, navigate and view on any device. With a new responsive design, patients are more easily able to locate the surgery and access the information they need. View site

Stuck with a severely outdated eCommerce system, Frontier looked to a modern solution to manage and sell their products. Using Shopify and a custom responsive theme, the store is now far more accessible and easier to manage.

As a photographer, Ray needed an avenue to sell prints online in various sizes and formats. With a fully responsive Shopify store, Ray now has easy-to-use tools to be able to add and update products, while his customers can browse through hundreds of prints with ease. View site

The Clean Food Co. aimed to bridge the gap between Chinese consumer demand and Australian supply chains. To bring awareness to their brand, a bespoke responsive Wordpress theme was created, along with simple tools for content editing.